English Grammar In Nepali - Present Tense Part - 2(Present Continuous) | Learn English In Nepali

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English Grammar In Nepali - Present Tense Part - 2(Present Continuous) | Learn English In Nepali

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About The Video:

Learners' Quarter proudly uploads the video on the topic of english grammar learning video series.

Grammar is considered as the backbone of a language. Without the proper use of grammar the language often sounds like a joke.

In order to be a good language user, one needs to possess a sound knowledge in grammar. Learning tense can be taken a crucial in order to be a good communicator as well as a good writer.

This video will be a complete dodge for learning English grammar tense - present continuous. The use of simple words and the way they are explained has been expected to be really a beneficial for those who are in the search of effective materials for learning tense.

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Answers of the exercise:

1. are

2. is

3. taking

4. watching

5. going

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