अपने टीचर का इस तरह से test लो | Greatest Tricks for Students Who are Studying Online | 3/6

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Dekhiye, iss video ka purpose samajhna zaruri hai. Online studies mein har koi easily youtube channels bana sakta hai, students ko easily apne trap mein laa sakta hai. Ye video aapko help karne wali hai ye sochne aur samajhne mein ki aap jinse padh rahe hain, vo sahi hain ya nahi. Isse aapka bhavishya related hai. Open Mind ke ho tabhi ye video dekhna, agar sach nahi sun paa rahe toh rahne dena.

00:00 Introduction

01:27 The Real Issue

02:33 Types of teachers

03:40 1st Trick to test your teacher

05:16 2nd Trick to test your teacher

05:33 3rd Trick to test your teacher

06:26 4th Trick to test your teacher

07:46 5th The Salesman Teacher

09:15 6th Trick to test your teacher

10:00 Where we don't talk about any coaching institute

12:20 Personal experiences

This is a series of videos on Online Studying which solves all the problems of students who are doing their studies & making notes online. The content is fully researched and backed by proof(wherever required).

How to be focussed in your work?

How to stay concentrated in Studies?

How to stay motivated?

Why I am not able to focus ?

What are best resources for preparing for competitive ecminations which are available online such as for UPSC CSE, ESE, GATE, SSC CGL, JE, PSC etc.

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civil beings

Total - 6 parts ( First 3 - Civil Beings, Next 3 - Amit Kakkar Speaks ). One part uploaded daily. Those lucky people who will see this will guaranteed get benefitted by each of these videos.

1. How to Study Online & Make Good Notes


2. How to Stay Disciplined during Online Study https://youtu.be/SEVO0P8sLaI

3. How to Select Best Teacher/Resource Online in these times (this video)

4. How to Take Care of Eyes, Ears, Back & Neck during online studying (Aug 2)

5. How to Do Effective Revision of video lectures (Aug 3)

6. How to organize yourself and your study space during online study (Aug 4)

Series Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVn7qvJ_jGr1FIIAIts5BEqDtWyzhVXMk

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Civil Beings is a channel to make youth extremely productive. Through the logic based videos, it gives the young generation something to think about apart from promoting good values and great habits for their success.

The man amidst the sea of information who strives to be a beacon of light for the youth of the country. Mr. Sagar Dodeja is an ex IES Officer, a motivational speaker, a Ted Talk and a Josh Talks Speaker and most importantly, a Teacher! He started this channel to enhance the learning capabilities of his students and now, it is being appreciated worldwide!

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